Virtual Exhibition
For Love Of Dissent
Presented by Design Art Concepts -- Miami

Artist’s Statement
My goal is to create a work that is expressive, more organic than planned, and often emotionally driven and serendipitous.

The greatest influences on my artwork have come from German Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism. Both movements stress the physical action of painting, which is primary to my process of painting. I do not formally plan a composition, but rather a painting develops, much like a dance, from one action to the next and the next and so on.

I work in several media: encaustic (hot wax), the combination of oil and cold wax, acrylic, mixed media, and photography. I enjoy working rapidly and spontaneously, incorporating all the “accidents and mistakes” as they occur. My inspiration comes from constant observation of my surroundings and studying lines, shapes, colors, patterns, textures, and shadows in what I observe. I am also fascinated by the visual and tactile sensations of surfaces and objects.